Earn money online, with your expertise

Our Polychor platform offers the opportunity to experts to make money by setting up digital products. Check the various options that we offer.

Keep it simple and easy

Here are several reasons why we'd be able to help you earn income through our platform.

Sales assistance

Through our platform, we also assist with generating sales for

your digital products on our platform.


Through our platform, we can offer support during the setup and

during the course of your time with us.


Our platform adds value for the ones that are looking to offer their expertise and

the ones that are looking to pick up this knowledge.

What can you do on our platform?

Here are several features that one can expect from signing up on our platform, looking for content or as a trainer that is providing content.

For the ones that would like to explore all of the options and speak to us, feel free to book an intake session.


Various options

Due to the platform, we are able to offer various types of courses from a multitude of trainers.


We take the quality of our content very serious, which is why we are even providing certification to our trainers.


As a student, we don't tie you down to a  long term commitment.



We offer trainers the opportunity to earn money through selling of their digital products.


Trainers are supported with promotional and advertising support, to sell their courses.

Reselling options

Do you have a strong following and would you like to offer our platform to your followers? We can make that happen.