How can we help?

Below are several resources that can be used, to assist with the structuring, selling and exposure of courses that are provided. It is important to us that our trainers are put in the best position to offer their expertise.

Setup your course

To help with the setup of your course, we have a free worksheet to help trainers. The worksheet has several important aspects to consider and the opportunity to iron out the details for your course.

Better profile

Although we will be working hard, to get your course in front of the right people, we present you tools to showcase yourself to the best of your capabilities on LinkedIn.

Exclusive sales campaign

Although we provide sales support to every trainer, we also offer a more tailored online social media campaign. This package is focused on the after sales of trainers that provide courses. While our included sales assistance helps in the beginning, this package takes care of the aftermath of the course. The campaign is built up from the following components:

Social media campaign

We will be setting up a social media campaign on multiple social media platforms, that is tailored to get your course in front of the right audience.


After the course, we'll run a aftersales campaign, to receive feedback and sell your service to the prospects. You'll be earning income from your course and from the upsell opportunities.


For this service package, we charge €500,- (excluding VAT)

Interested in being a trainer or reseller?

In case you already made up your mind to proceed as a trainer or retainer, feel free to check out some more information about those options.